The Biggest Nigerian Event in 2019

Word on street is that Shiloh is that end of the year event where single ladies in dire need of a life partner troop to, in hope of making their request known to God. In fact, if you start having dreams of you walking up the aisle or dancing at your engagement ceremony, “dem don carry your picture reach Shiloh be that.” But the street will say whatever. In stark reality, the annual Shiloh gathering at Living Faith Church’s Canaanland in Ota, Ogun State – particularly the 2019 edition – is the biggest event of the year.

Understanding ‘Falz- This Is Nigeria’ Music Video

This post was originally published on Facebook on June 6, 2018.     The problem starts from the fact that 'This Is Actually Nigeria' and we will always look for chaos in places that are peaceful. As Nigerians, only few understand the concept of the song and the music video. The latter which is actually the most important piece of this saga and perhaps the most important piece out of the entertainment industry.