Film Review: Spiderman: No Way Home

The mother of all collabos

I can’t remember the last time I grinned ear to ear watching a Marvel film. Or any film for that matter. I was genuinely happy to see the 16-year-old webslinger deal with the troubles of overnight fame along with his teenage girlfriend and best friend – Spiderman has been unmasked.

It was an uphill struggle, literally, from the very first scene which is one part the completed half of the final scenes of 2019 ‘s Spiderman: Far From Home… Peter Packer, MJ, Ned, The Press, Me, none of us could catch our breath: Peter is all over the news, MJ has been roped into it, the majority believe Mysterio who almost destroyed London was the hero and Spiderman/Peter Parker murdered him. Peter is being lynched on national TV, there are helicopters flying around his house and there is an awesome totally blew my mind cameo in the middle of all of this. WHAT IS GOING ON????? As chaotic as all this was, it’s some of the most genuinely funny, joyous and reliable sequences I’ve seen in a really long time. This film really made me happy. I needed this film when Messi left Barcelona. 😭😭😭😭

It’s important I gleefully blush about this ‘cause I hated Homecoming (2017). I disliked Far From Home (2019). I compared the chemistry between MJ and Peter in the latter to that of domestic animals. And I detested the fact that Peter always needed a father figure in the image of a popular movie star to be motivated or even cash out at the box office.

But No Way Home…

We have seen superhero movies take on the full nature of lightheartedness and make us laugh to hide their shoddy pacing – honourable salute to Shazam & Aquaman. No Way Home, a film whose entire premise is based on rash decisions and the trials and tribulations of being 16 and handsome, does it better.

A lot of other elements could take the credit for the monumental success of No Way Home, like the high-profile cameos (a version of me in the multiverse has probably written a review that says the cameos only exist to make fanboys shriek like little girls and/or to make money off the most expensive ingredient in the film market – nostalgia. Yea, that Okiki should definitely be locked in a magic cell with The Lizard). But there is enough evidence that No Way Home did the incredible work of tying all those factors together and still be one of the truest Spiderman film ever.

What really deserves credit is the terrific acting and the jokes that were actually really funny (that’s a big thing for me). Yes, less human life was visibly threatened in this film which is a little offensive to all Marvel films ever made (is the Battle of New York a joke to you???) But I’m sure we can let that slide, like we did the needless tragic scene that they actually managed to make cryable (I think I need literal spider webs to make that sentence stick its landing).

No Way Home joins End Game and Infinity War to define what a marquee Marvel film looks like and how it should be done. I’m just gonna wrap this up by saying Tom Holland outdid himself as the masked vigilante/superhero/ boyfriend/nephew/ best friend/former Avenger. If there was any film to prove that the thrills of the Marvel Cinematic Universe didn’t end after End Game, this was it. Well at least for me. I am more excited than ever to see what comes next.

8/ 10

Okiki Adeduyite

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