Top Reviews of the Year

Best of” plus “People’s Choice Award”

I don’t normally think my reviews are good enough to be on a ranking list but the reception in 2020 has been through the roof as I’ve written reviews this year that have mobilized viewers, reinforced opinions and disarm the strongest fans of any picture. It would be anomalous to leave out my ‘top reviews’ out of my ongoing Year End Lists since I wrote more reviews this year than analysis and articles. This list is part ‘best of’ list and part ‘readers’ choice award’ as I found greater love for some of my reviews when I got texts and DMs about them. So here are my top 5 reviews of the year 2020:

  1. Extraction: Have you ever met anyone who dislikes the movie Extraction? Are you searching for? Look no further. I’m here. 4/10. But why? This review, according to readers, expresses my feeling about clear & succinctly, and I even brought to light things they never saw as flaws. Personally, I wish I’d written a more careful review; one strong enough to stick the landing and still let people decide for themselves. You can read it here
  2. Terminator: Dark Fate: I love this franchise and this is the first time I’ve written anything on any Terminator film and I’m glad its Dark Fate. As this wildly underrated epic is one of Scifi’s best. But beyond that, I nitpicked for errors and it had many. Read
  3. Project Power: This review is funny. My savagery (for lack of a humbler word) comes out when a film pisses me off. But I love this review because even if you liked this film, it makes you laugh as you watch me poke fun at one of 2020’s worst action films. Read.
  4. The Curse of LaLorona: Another 2019 film I reviewed this year is The Conjuring’s LaLorona. Having never seen any of the Conjuring films myself (cos I was averse to horror films), I came into LaLorona hoping to track my way back as I now found horror films exciting if done well. LaLorona was done well but I wasn’t really nice here. Read
  5. Mulan: Everyone hates this review. Everyone. Because, apparently, I was being too analytical of what was just an ordinary Disney film that everyone likes. But that doesn’t stop me from grinning ear to ear when I read this 600-word rant.

Okiki Adeduyite

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