And let the Year End Lists begin…

Putting any writeup together is daunting. Whether it’s a review or a piece for a publication, as long as you want it to be professional, you have to make hard decisions, like if you should begin the article unconventionally with words like “putting” or pull off a slick opening that engages and forces your audience to read on. Either way, your brain is already stretched too thin when you put in the final full stop. Not to mention the fact that you still have to read it over a dozen times for editing. Daunting.

For me, writing pieces take between 2–5 hours. This doesn’t include the days of planning. Even when you don’t plan; when it’s an idea dropped from the sky and all you have to do is type away, it still takes 2-3hours of hunching over your laptop in the early hours of the morning typing away. I, in fact, uncovered an issue with my writing as I realized they were getting too long: it’s actually a serious, but treatable, creative problem when you write too long. Can you imagine? I mean, I was just supposed to write a four-line paragraph and introduce my top articles of the year but here I am explaining why it’s longer. Here are my handpicked best articles of the year 2020:

  1. How ‘The Old Guard’ Reboots the action genre: I couldn’t contain my excitement after seeing the film and it prompted this lengthy piece that’s more wish fulfilment than it is an article. I crammed in years of knowledge into one single thought but why it makes this list, despite the contentious 9/10 score, is because my feelings about this film were fully conveyed that you could almost see the sparks in my brain. You can read this love letter here.
  • Why you should start watching Ted Lasso: I literally forced myself to write this. I was tired but the show was too good to not leave words. And a recent reread showed me that creativity aside, if you’re excited about something and you let it show, you’ve created a timeless beauty. The article, just like the AppleTV+ show, is funny, engaging and joyous. Read this bundle of joy here.
  • #CultureRoundtable Ep 1: Critics answer Burning Questions about Netflix’s Top Ten List: The most exciting thing I did this year was bring together people like me to talk about things we love and nothing beats the joy that springs up in me when I read the answers Oge, Luke Hearfield and Zach Reviews provided to my questions four months ago as I note their relevance till date. Read here.
  • ‘Your Excellency’ is now more relevant than ever: Review: A late but necessary addition. I’ve always wanted to write consequential pieces and I didn’t realize it until I was done. As I was trying to proffer solutions to a cinematic problem battling my industry, it didn’t stop me from bringing out my guns, decimating the film for its shortcomings. Funny and jaw-dropping. Read.
  • Film Review: Oloture (in Pidgin): I had to sneak one review in. Nollywood is scaling amazing heights and so am I. After filing in the review for Oloture, I wrote a different one in pidgin. I’ve always wanted to do it and Oloture, a film with 70% of its dialogue in pidgin, felt like and was the perfect debut.      

There is more. More Year-End-Lists before 2021.

Okiki Adeduyite

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