Film Review: Oloture (in Pidgin)

As naija people don dey tire for films wey their own no pass to dey show rich people wey no know wetin to do with money, Kenneth Gyang don come with new film wey talk tori wey we think say we don see before and him tell this story with better use of him camera, better old school vibes and music, with hope say him go fit carry our mind go one issue wey dey affect our society.

This film, Oloture, na about the Ashewo business for Nigeria and how one undercover journalist take join ashewo so she go fit expose wetin dey happen inside the ashewo business. This film na the first one wey go touch all the corner corner inside the ashewo business wey we never see before and he do am without shame o as this one no be for children. Oloture talk the tori as e take dey and if na to press girl yansh or give guy blow job, Oloture show everything . Na there we fit fes dey get problem with this film because sometimes, e be like say Gyang fit still tell this tori without all those things wey children no suppose see but I sure say e get why and I no wan dey defend Gyang so you fit ask am when you see am.

Aside that one, you go enjoy the acting wella. The one wey sweet my body pass na former rapper, Ikechuckwu, wey play bad guy, Chuks. Chuks na pimp and for the ashewo business, people no dey use pimp again but Chuks hold onto him last girl, Blessing, like Federal Government dey hold salary and he no wan let her enjoy wetin her fellow ashewos dey enjoy now wey internet don provide better opportunities – the matter of Chuks and Blessing naim we fit compare with the matter of Nigeria and im citizens. Ikechukwu actin don join the level of Reminisce and Illbliss wey both play Makanaki and Odogwu for King of Boys. Like dem, him be better bad guy with better swag.

The film talk like 70% for pidgin. If we start dey talk the mistakes wey dey the pidgin ehn, we go pick 10 bags of palliatives beans and we no go still finish. But no be problem at all as the film deliberately make the pidgin simple so people wey no be Nigerians go get am and even fit still learn small of our unofficial official language.

Oloture no be just your normal film wey we go watch to enjoy ourselves o. Na to expose the things wey dey shelé inside prostitution and how under our nose, the ashewo business don blow with plenty money inside and how suffer no dey tire us for naija as we dey give these people power to use us anyhow because we think say we deserve how dem dey treat us. That na why I like the tori of Chuks and Blessing.

Sharon Ooja wey play Oloture, wey her Ashewo name be Ehi, try small but if the character wey she play na house, dem no use better cement. She no sabi lie. She no get anything to protect herself. She no get trick to escape when kasala wan burst for her body. You go come dey wonder, shey this one na undercover journalist laidis? If the film wan make we pity her, they gats tell us wetin push her go do this kind work; Shey she know say e dangerous? Wetin be her plan gàn gàn if dem catch her? No be only cement no good, dem no allow the block dry sef.

But everywhere clear. Yes, everybody dey smoke cigar but everywhere still clear. This na film wey I go tell all my friends wey no dey naija wey wan know about us and don tire to dey watch naija films wey don make drone shots tire them and the ones wey na only big big actors full inside (and wan learn our pidgin) to watch. Because even though Oloture no sew this shoe, at least e shine am for us. And I like am.


I bin also write this review for English o, if you wan read am, click here.

Okiki Adeduyite

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