Why you should start watching Ted Lasso

Ted Lasso is a giant bundle of infectious joy.

Apple TV+ is really moving up in my rankings of best streaming platforms with original TV content. Okay, let me cut to the chase, Amazon Prime Video is number one on my list. Deal with it.

Apple TV+ is eyeing that number two spot because just like Amazon Prime, it’s not about quantity but about how much money you have and are willing to spend on quality. And Apple TV+ got a shit ton of money and a self-esteem about my height. What I’m trying to say is, they can’t afford to do a Cursed or a Space Force this early in their short run.

Emmy nominated The Morning Show, Jason Momoa-led dystopian series, See, Hailee Steinfield-starring biopic, Dickinson and just a handful more are Apple TV+’s weapons in fighting this great streaming war. Now’s the right time to throw a lasso into the ring.

Ted Lasso is centered on the eponymous American football coach who’s hired to manage a team in England despite having little experience. Lasso goes head-to-head with the country, the media and his players, who’re all rooting for his downfall.

While wielding the forces of three genres – Sports, Drama and Comedy – Ted Lasso reels you in with its Cable-style storytelling, sharp writing and an impressive ensemble. I’ve seen the first three episodes and I’m in love.

In just a few bulletpoints, I’ll try to convince you to add this to your watchlist and even give AppleTV+’s entire library a sneak peek with an open heart.


As far as Single Camera comedies go, Ted Lasso is looking to replace the Silicon Valley I lost.

While a bit more upbeat and too full of cringy, bland British jokes that’s gonna need a lot of getting used to, Lasso still shines in delivering intermittent punchlines.

At some point, I started taking notes of the jokes that were truly funny and once I had passed 3 in just the pilot alone, I was sold.

Here’s one:

TED: Hey, how y’all doing? I’m Ted Lasso, your new coach. You must be Ms. Welton.

REBECCA: Oh. Please, call me Rebecca. Ms. Welton’s my father.

TED: If that’s a joke, I love it. If not, I cannot wait to unpack that with you.


Ted is American and he finds out in various hilarious ways that words mean different things in jolly old England. What’s better is how educative it is. As an English speaker and avid film observer, I’m admitting that some differences were just batshit crazy to note.

The British vernacular is hilarious. And as they try to prove they have other slangs aside “wanker”, I can’t help but laugh at the contentious variances: “They call practice training.”


I got not one, but two Nigerian characters, which has to be a record for a show led by white people. But that’s not why I’m excited: I’m happy because they all seem well-written.

Yea, the accent problem again but there’s surety that if the camera pans to a black face, there’s an episode worth of stories to be told.

(In fact, there are four Nigerians if you count the two brief appearances but I don’t want to jump into conclusions.)

Sam Obisanya, played by Toheeb Jimoh, a right-back defender from Nigeria, who just arrived Ted’s new club, AFC Richmond, is constantly picked on by the team’s star player, while also losing focus on the pitch because he misses home. But Ted knows a thing or two about loneliness and together, it seems everyone’s luck is about to change.

It’s great to see a brother from home play a character that feels like an outsider in a country that’s 95% white. That’s fucking realistic.


Lead character, Ted Lasso, played by Jason Sudeikis, is a giant bundle of joy. Think Ryan Reynolds plus Jason Bateman. He’s socially awkward but it’s hard to make him the butt of jokes cos he shows no negative emotion whatsoever to insults and situations where he should be embarrassed. He’s always up there with a smile and a comeback that’s so bad it’s good.

This would normally mean he’s a one-dimensional character who’s just too happy with life but Ted Lasso, beneath all his jokes, boisterousness and apt analogies, is one of the deepest lead characters on TV. There’s so much of “wanker” a man can take and this one got a stadium full and he took it like Santa.

Together with an impressive ensemble, Ted Lasso’s got a lot of unpacking to do.

The entire England is rooting for his downfall but he doesn’t stop trying to prove them wrong. Question is, when will he give up? TED LASSO! everybody. On Apple TV+.

OC Score: 7/10

Okiki Adeduyite

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