Film Review: Project Power

Project Power is a drugged up Xmen wannabe without rewatch abilities.

Project Power is shitty. And how do I define shitty? An awkward situation where expected excellence underdelivers.

You can’t blame me for being expectant after I’ve seen the 9/10 Old Guard.  I mean, I thought Netflix finally figured it out. Project Power is when XMEN and Taken have a baby – a malnourished baby.

I’m not gonna sugarcoat it for you but this is a snooze exercise.

The plot is all over the place.

The action is all over the place too. What’s with action films and trucks these days?

You can count in one hand the number of fight scenes and just one, the girl in the tank POV fight in the bank’s basement, is the only sequence with a modicum of creativity.

It has no central villain; anyone can be a villain from jacked-up youth to lab bodyguards thanks to the eponymous pill that gives you “powers” for five minutes. And the heroes can either choose to shoot their way through things or take the pill cos who’s gonna stop them? Not giving your hero a formidable adversary is an anomaly Tom and Jerry fixed decades ago. How hard can it be? Here, we’ve got to deal with disposable human monsters with no training and all the strength in the world.

At this point, you’ve probably noticed that I’m only just fleshing bulletpoints from my notepad. That’s how this film makes you feel:

  • We got a black girl who can rap.
  • We got Jaime Foxx and his improvs
  • We got Joseph Gordon_Levitt who shouldn’t be here.
  • We have a pill.
  • Let’s make a movie.

Yes, you might argue that Project Power is more than just ticking off bulletpoints in the writer’s mind, and yes, I disagree with you with all of my head. Cos there’s no way you can justify the inorganic dialogues, the cringy Clint Eastwood references, the “just like Frozen,” the unforgivable plot inconsistencies (their 5-minute is the same as ours, right?), the TedX villain speeches… I can see the entire script draft already. And, I think, painfully, this script went straight from the draft stage to ‘let’s make a movie.’

Did no one, during the entire production process, read the script, felt ashamed of being a part of the production and decided to take a pill and write a better movie in 5-minute?


Okiki Adeduyite

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