Film review: Why haven’t you seen Jexi?

In an era where great movies like Her and Ex Machina exists comes a less serious take on “Technology & the Death of us: the 21st century edition.”

Set in a world very similar to ours but has everyone looking down at their phones (I’m not in denial, thank you.), this rom-com doubling as a woke comedy doesn’t take itself seriously enough.

Adam Devine, playing the dorky millennial whose life is so awful you’d thank God for yours, takes full charge of this hobbit of a film as he cements himself as a legit comedy star who can lead an ensemble. His goofiness, and laughable personality, is natural – it kinda always feels like he’s playing himself. The chemistry with Alexandra Shipp’s Cate… well, that’s it. Good lead. Notable chemistry to write about in a review and a plot that wasn’t done justice to.

Jexi is the People’s Choice Award version of HER that trusts its characters too much. Michael Pena’s almost ridiculous and sometimes unwarranted bants seems like that thing upcoming RnB artists do when they feature a big-name rapper to say whatever he wants, however unrelated, in the last verse.

Intelligent tech falls in love with owner – perfect story for a comedy film. Was it funny? Hell yeah, if you don’t have a problem with dorky white boys ‘cos Devine delivered. Should you see it? Absolutely, why not? In these times, it’s okay to have movies that are not thoughtful life-halting experiences. This is just something you can and should see if you want to have a good laugh.


Okiki Adeduyite

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