Hi, Welcome to my blog. This is me.

Here’s everything I can tell you about me.

Hi. My name is Okiki Adeduyite and I love doing this. I have been a writer since 2016 and I’ve written fiction, non-fiction, fan-fiction, events report. I’ve published short stories, won a couple of online writing and movie trivia contests. I’ve written for at least 5 blogs and I know a lot about movies. I became a critic.

Two years ago, Okiki’s Culture was created and it ended nine months after. But in that span of nine months, there were a lot of magical occurrences. See, it started as a hobby, all right? I just wanted a safe space to talk about movies and everything that makes me tick without necessarily disturbing anyone. I wanted to write my reviews and just drop them somewhere I can read later and share to my friends. That hobby was read in India, Kenya, the U.K and a few other countries.

Am I boasting? Well, you see, over the years, I’ve realized that no one is really shy. Pride be damned, if you find it hard singing your tune or, put simply, you’re still scared to bare yourself out there or speak in public, check your scoreboard: What have you accomplished?

That’s why writers are always advised to enter contests and try to win some when they are starting up. I came 4th place in my first writing contest but I got a certificate and a photo with the presenter. I was called out and people clapped.

4th place? Yea, I also felt that it was weird they chose to award the person who came fourth place. It’s always 1. 2. 3. But it didn’t matter because if I wasn’t number 4 out of 16 that day, I would not be writing today. I was ready to just give up and go.

It was a horrible write-up by any standard. I had this stupid principle where I don’t care about big words or organization: just write as it comes out of your head. I had a phobia for big words and by big, I mean words like “metaphor, lugubrious, insomnia, perplexity…” I was the type of guy who always says, “What’s enormous? Why can’t you just say ‘large’?”

I’d just started writing and I was one of the simple but creative ones. The truth? I didn’t really know how to use those words. I had to check the dictionary, always. In fact, I hated any writer who made me go to the dictionary. But the more I grew, which is every day since the day you decided you wanted to write, I found myself using those words I detested. I talk to my friends today and sometimes they look at me with puzzled faces and I’m like “when did I become this guy?”

I still check the dictionary today.

See, if you are burgeoning writer, know this, it gets better. That is if you don’t have clinical depression or some sort of anxiety related issue but then again, if you do, the more episodes you have, the more content you have to write. I’m afraid, life isn’t fair.

I’m envious of writers who are perfectly healthy. That must be fun: you sitting in the middle of your room eating noodles straight from the pot, inspiration hits you like a sweet headache, you pick up your phone, record an 800-word short story and you go on your day without feeling like you just lost 800 liters of blood. Your headline or title hits you in the middle of a sexual experience. You take out your bad days on the paper. Your good days are the best because that means five thousand words in an hour. And you even exercise by writing every day! Mehn, you living the dream. Okay, where were we?

Then 2 years after enormous(hehehe) growth and several contests, I came first place in a writing contest by experimenting a new technique I’d fashioned out of the way my favorite movies ended. Let me tell you this: I think the happiest I’ve ever been in my life are the times I won contests. Monetary or nah. It does more than give you astute confidence; it’s one of the few reminders that you know what you’re doing and you should keep doing it.

But what if you’ve been participating and never winning? Where then do I get my confidence from, Okiki? Well, I know several amazing writers who never won contests. I can’t tell you I know how it worked out for them, but I know this:  putting your work out there consistently, I repeat, consistently, always works. Getting feedback, slowly dragging yourself to that “I’m a writer” level, that works magic. But ignore the word magic, because it’s not fast. You really have to experience shit to have shit to say, or write, whatever your case. I just had to share what has worked for me so far. And know this: don’t overthink ‘accomplishments.’ It ranges from a “you made my day” Facebook comments to receiving the Best Screenplay at the Oscars. Every single thing matters.

For already-made writers and passer-bys reading this and questioning why they clicked this link, chill, we getting there. I actually just wanted to explain myself and I wanted you to know me first.


I hated that job. How can one man’s opinion determine if millions of people want to spend their money on something or not, which ultimately has a career ending or making effect on the creators of said thing – I hated it.

I prayed to God when I saw my life heading towards that direction on Facebook. I had read a lot of stories of movie directors who would never make movies again, cried, contemplated suicide. I prayed I’d never be that guy. Maybe one day I’ll be able to discuss in-depth about my turning point but for now I can only tell you why I’m still doing it and won’t stop for a while. For a guy who wants to make movies for a living, why? Well see, I got angry.

The downside of watching too much movies is you start to craft the perfect movie in your head. You also start to notice a string of repetitions than the average guy and you soon want to start having an opinion on what you see. Well, maybe these are just traits common with glitchy kids who’ll grow up to become critics. Maybe.

I wanted to change the way things were for the better. I want to change the way things are for the better.

I don’t like the word ‘critic.’ It ruins everything.

Who’s he?

He’s a critic.

Oh, the guy who criticizes everything.

I see myself as an Opinion Leader. Wait, no, I don’t know what that means. I see myself as… Okay, this is it. If I say this thing is bad, it’s because I want you to make it good or better the next time.

I do not get joy from giving a film a bad review. Or a good review that every one agrees with. I know enough about movies. I know enough about music. I’ll talk about them subjectively because objectivity doesn’t exist. There’s a loophole in that belief that this person is fair. I’ll call the colour black, white if I was told, repeatedly, growing up that it’s called white. I’ll settle quarrels based on my knowledge. I’ll say a movie is poorly written only from my experience of good scripts. There is no objectivity. It’s a façade. And besides, this isn’t Fox News.

Those of you going, “What is he saying? He’s no critic. I’ve never heard of him.” Well, you have now.

I told you Okiki’s Culture ended. Here’s the gist: all of a sudden, I had a new plan and abandoned my dream a little. I promised my readers I’ll be back and they will know. I basically meant I’ll be back with a big bang. I’ve probably lost half of them now but it doesn’t matter. Let’s make this bang loud enough for them to hear. I am a film/TV writer and critic. An author and pop culture expert. Fiction writer and Journalist. A screenwriter and an aspiring filmmaker. And I’ll do all that on this blog. But this time, I want to have a relationship with my readers which is why you are reading this now.

I recreated Okiki’s Culture here. I’ve imported a few posts from the previous platform so we can all have a good time and, also, so you can go back to the slightly old me and bring back my horrible writeups to make fun of. I promise you, I’ll write more horrible ones. But I’ll write. That’s what matters. I’ll keep writing.

I’ve done my fair share of fictionalizing and criticism on various social media platforms. Now I’ll document them here and you can help invite filmmakers and creators to come check it out because if the point got lost in these thousand of words, it’s that this place is a learning ground. Eww. Eurgh. I can’t believe I just wrote that.

Point is, critics are not your enemies. At least, me. I exist to make whatever you do better. To make the world around me better. I’ve done this “Come check out my stuff, tell me what you think, personally.” It’s weird. But I guess it’s an honour. Just promise not to call boys for me if I say your piece ‘is devoid of even a smattering of basic intelligence and it’d be unfair to force the worst criminals in the world to see it because dying and going to hell is better than seeing your giant pile of shit.’

But I’m usually nicer than that. Ha Ha Ha Hauhhh…. No, I’m not. Do you think this is a horrible job? Scoffs. Have you ever met a food critic?

This post is serving as a bridge for a number of reasons: I want to place a demarcation between posts from the previous site and new posts; I want people to know this Okiki guy without having to do that creepy About Author shit with a picture of me in an oval frame talking about my goals and my dreams and my ambitions and every of my achievements in the third person. That creeps me out. I also wanted to explain this critic stuff so I’ll feel better. And I guess I also wanted to see if I could hold people’s attention again. I took a one-year break from writing. If you’re waiting for me to end this post with an advice or quote or something profound, you got it: NEVER TAKE A ONE YEAR BREAK FROM WRITING. EVER!

My name is Okiki and I love doing this. Haha, I just came up with that.

Hi, you might have noticed I’m obsessed with the colon. That’s because I am. I think it’s the best punctuation ever… after the full stop. I mean, you can use it to list, you can use it to explain yourself, you can use it to kicker or rider your headline. You can use it to sound smart about something: like this. I’m sure I’ve probably invented and added new functions to the colon that never existed. That’s the second best thing about being a writer and/or creative: all you do every day is make stuff up and it’s called a creation.

I didn’t add this at the top. I should have but these guys will be comfortable anywhere. They are humble like that. One of the reasons this blog was able to make a comeback is because there are a lot of people who believed in this place; this soon to be community, than I do. God, thank you for these people most of all. Every chance they get, they let me know how much they believe in me. It sucks that I can’t be as believing as they are but because of them, I’ll make this work. Because of them.

I love you guys. And you too.

Okiki Adeduyite

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