Movie Review: Mission : Impossible – Fallout

“What’s done is done, when we say it’s done.”

Team Mission: Impossible pulls another implausible mission out of the shenanigans and naughtiness of the last five movies – Fallout.

Ethan Hunt is given one more reason to hang out of a flying craft and jump out of tall buildings.

Here, he’s to stop a bad guy who was sprung by another bad guy he stopped some movies ago(or maybe it happened in between the breaks cause they’re really overestimating how much we remember about the last five movies) but the bad guy ends up being the……. really, I wasn’t watching this to learn the script; all I wanted was to see Tom Cruise(Ethan Hunt) run faster than Usain Bolt. There’s nothing in this world much fun than watching Ethan run. Look at that:

Hmmmn mn

So, basically, those legs are the script; that’s me waiting for the action.

And I wasn’t disappointed. That tag-team against John Lark in the restroom where Henry Cavill’s Walker and Hunt squared it off against this badass dude, who has officially dethroned Killmonger on any villains list, was characteristically satisfying, as he handed their asses to them while dressed in a f*****g suit and tie.

Speaking of Cavill, I came to see him too. Oh Cavill, My Superman and one of my favorite actors. I wanted to see how he would fair side by side the delectable Tom Cruise. He didn’t do bad.


He was John Lark all along.

That twist is lost on me. I figured it out after he tried to pin it on Hunt and I did that without focusing on the script. See why I’m here for the action?

Face Masks. Women not-in-distress. Bike chase. Predictable Secretary Hunley’s passing. Bombs that can’t be defused by cutting the green wire(well done Hollywood). A whole lot of things I don’t wanna talk about.

But how can Hunt run that fast for five minutes after someone who was simply trekking?

A sorry excuse to give me the run I want? Walker was simply trekking… walked fast a while but never ran… Hunt ran the heck out of running that if running was human, he would run for his life.

That aside: This was an intense two-hour journey. Not the best in the franchise if you ask me but definitely a better follow-up to the previous installment, Rogue Nation. The action was literally breathtaking – if you could breath during any of the fight scenes then the MI6 need to throw you in the trunk of their racist cars.

Plot twists and face masks upped their importance and also served as nerve-chilling devices for this flick. No actor stole my heart away… but if I was forced to pick, I’d give to to this guy:

That dude… and he had just five minutes of screentime.

One more question: Why did Ilsa say “shit” in this scene?

Oh, the answer is simple: She killed John Lark and saw that her ex, Ethan Hunt, was in the building too. She was surprised.

So if she didn’t know it was Hunt’s life she just saved, why did she kill Lark? Because we learnt later in the movie that her mission was to protect Lark. So we assumed that she killed the person she was supposed to protect to save her Ex’s life. But a second watch revealed to me she didn’t even know it was her Ex at the other side of Lark’s gun. Why would she kill her mission?
I mean, you can leave your answer in the comment if I’m ranting bullshit.

Besides that, this was a satisfying watch. I reiterate, the action is out of this realm. Christopher MacQuarie, Tom Cruise and the stunt team have apparently raised the bar for action scenes in the genre and that on its own, is an achievement of the century. We got reminded that Face Masks never get old, so does good old rating:

Okiki rates in 7.5/10.

Okiki Adeduyite

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