Movie Review: ‘Proud Mary’

This post was originally published on Facebook on June 12, 2018
What is Proud Mary?
It is a movie about Taraji P. Henson with a gun and a boy to protect. Because, boy, that was a terrible script that wouldn’t be made into a movie if Taraji wasn’t involved.
After Empire, people will
watch any movie with Taraji on the poster. Even if it’s a movie about an alien ghost virgin, Taraji is that good.
She isn’t Cookie Lyon on this one. She’s Mary(i didn’t catch the last name). She’s an assassin or a hit woman… whatever you call a female badass that can walk into a house and take out over a dozen men and walk back out(no, not Wonder Woman).
The story isn’t film-worthy, no, not in 2018. But it’s the year for women uhn, and Taraji has never been the lead woman in an action movie so *In Screen Gems’
voice* “Let’s put 30 million into it.”
and beg Danny Glover to come be the side villain.
It was so 1980. You hear and see things like “Hey, slow down.” after she serves an orphan boy food in her lavish apartment because he’s eating too fast. Does that remind you of a thousand other movies?
You hear the stereotypical black boy response: to a woman who warns him about being an informant for the police and he says “Ain’t no snitch.” Boy, ain’t that phrase overused?
Mary tells the kid ‘You can do this, you can do that, and blah blah but One Rule: Stay out of my room.’ then walks out of the house.
We all don’t need a woman-seer to tell us that the room would be his first destination in this fine apartment he has alone to himself – most especially, when it isn’t locked. Like wtf? (sorry, I’d watch my mouth, Taraji), you are gonna leave a room with an arsenal of big ass guns and a ton of money unlocked with a 12 years old kid in the house? Who wrote this script again?? *rummaging Wikipedia*
And you know that other overused move in
movies – that one when a person falls asleep and another person puts the blanket over the sleeping person’s body, because, you know, they didn’t remember to use the blanket that is lying on the
same bed with them.
My blanket( my Mummy’s 2 yards wrapper) is over my body as i type this and it’s 8:00am in the morning and it has been there since last night because i put it there with my own hands. My landlord didn’t come in to cover me with it.
Okay, sorry, so much fuss about a
blanket, let’s talk about Taraji.
That woman is one of the best black actresses in the world (congratulations on your engagement, mama). The fact that she accepted to play this role speaks volume – not for the writer’s good, but for
the industry.
#MeToo should have my own film that I star as the lead.”
Which is why it is easy to note her personal additions to the film even if you saw only the first season of Empire.
I wish she’s Nigerian: That’s
the kind of mother these ‘yahoo boys‘ need.
So Taraji aside(don’t whine yourself, no other actress would play this role because this film won’t be made if Taraji didn’t agree to it), this was a disastrous addition to 2018’s slate of cinematic efforts.
Okay this is starting to look like
a bad review but there are some jaw dropping actions and oh, the action, oh oh oh, the action
was ‘2018 standard,’ i gat no problem with that.
The dialogue was meh. The actors were good before in their other works and they are the same persons here so, whatever.
I’m not saying “Hey, don’t watch Proud Mary.”
This is my review because i want to show y’all that I write reviews for movies too… so go see the movie. And holla me if you lay your hands on the soundtrack, I need that vibe in my room.
Okiki rates it 4/10.

Okiki Adeduyite

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