DCTV: Previously On Your DC Shows – The End Of An Era

This is the final weekly review of all DC Comics shows currently airing on the small screen for the 2017/ 2018 season. The Arrowverse: Arrow, The Flash, Legends Of Tomorrow and Supergirl; CW’s Black Lightning; Fox’s Gotham and Syfy’s Krypton.

This week saw the end of the 2017/2018 season on DCTV. All but one: Supergirl which i conveniently won’t review alone – only when it’s in need of special intervention. Thank you for your time.


I’m sorry, what?? Mon El has superspeed? How in H’ronmeer does he have superspeed? Earlier this season, I wanted to know how he can fly but now he’s as fast as The Flash and no one is raising eyebrows.
Actually, there are a lot of things to worry about in this episode. That heavily confusing talk Kara had with James Olsen:

“Supergirl can’t tell her
that she can actually trust me because I’m her best friend, Kara,
but Kara can’t tell her why
Supergirl took it so personally
that she was using
Kryptonite behind her back
because Lena doesn’t actually
know that I’m Supergirl.

Who wrote that? Do i have to ask this question every episode? As an aspiring screenwriter I’ve learned that every dialogue matters. What was that???

We also had that cliché stake about the enemy making a bomb – huge sigh.

Then that confirmation of why Alex doesn’t want children – she would make a terrible Mum

And that part of the episode from the 07:46 mark to the 10:15 mark(Olsen Vs. Coville’s followers) that felt like I was watching a trailer. Four minutes of rushed and irregular editing. Was I the only one who noticed that? It looked so rushed you would think they are showing a promo for the next episode. And once you realize it’s some ‘we don’t support racism’ stunt, you hate everything you just saw more.
“Oh racism in Supergirl. Who would have thunk?”

It wasn’t a great episode. The fight scenes were overpriced and the cliffhanger doesn’t even shock the mildest hearts. Supergirl need shorter seasons like Black Lightning & LOT, and if CW refuses to acknowledge that, well, it’s their funeral.

The Flash (S04E23) – Season Finale

“There will be no defeating the big bad this year, Mr. Allen.”

It’s talks like that that gives you the full realization that ‘it’s all fiction.’
Sadly, Devoe, the mighty, fell in a somewhat unceremonious way. And hey, if you mourned the demise of Dibny, he’s alive. Just him, unfortunately, out of all the bus metas.

With the help of Marlize, the deed was done.

Stopping falling satellites using Cecile’s delivery as an in-and-out backdrop and emotional connection is an overused technique but who am i to complain?

I do have a question: If superspeed can affect Cecile’s delivery, why can’t teleportation? That woman was teleported twice during labour and we still had a perfect baby. Congrats, Joe.

The mystery girl pressed the rewind button so she could join Barry in a race to sonic-punch the last satellite. Which might be the mistake she referenced to at the end but who cares? I have seen endings and season finales and this might be the worse. Every ‘The Flash’ finale is  something people(or me) look forward to because their cliffhangers are always mind-blowing. This one ended like an episode of Quantico.

So the mystery girl is Nora Allen. Barry and Iris’ daughter from the future. Imagine Executive Producer, Todd Helbing saying no one on the internet guessed it right. Everyone got it right… you just changed the name, you meta-bags.

The reveal was supposed to shock us but they overplayed it and I am not excited for Season Five.

Team Flash wants anyone who helps them, even if it’s for an episode, to be part of the team. Thank goodness Marlize turned them down. As if Star Labs isn’t crowded already.

That was a weak finale. Not as weak as the previous season’s but it’s still up there. You only get to do a season finale once and they gave us “Star Wars” references and the most unreal stake ever. Thirty minutes into the Forty-Two minute long episode, the villain had been defeated. You think they would used the remaining time to address the most pertinent of all issues that have been troubling us since October last year:

Why exactly does Cecile have metahuman powers?
What does ‘This House is bitchin’ means?
What do those symbols Barry and Harry wrote while they were less intelligent mean?
Why can’t Barry remember his time in the speedforce?
Why should we care about Season Five?

Krypton (S01E10) – Season Finale

Why does Doomsday look like Kratos meet Steppenwolf??

An abrupt and befitting end to the Superman prequel. Satisfying and hope of “a better future.” With General Zod and Doomsday as potential villains, season two might find a way to impress the non-believers of Krypton.

Seg El defeated Brainiac in the most grand style… but also sentenced himself to an eternity in the Phantom Zone.
The future is uncertain: is there still a Superman? If Zod is Seg’s son and Lyta isn’t pregnant yet, why is Zod still alive? What happened to Jayna? Why did the House Of El’s cape sigil change? I guess that means Superman was never born. But so is Zod, right? Is Dev his real father?

So many questions after a first season finale. Questions there were enough time to answer. So yes, this was a below average show; the Adam Strange storyline was a waste of screentime and overall ruination of a beloved comic book character.
Just like Gotham, Krypton has done the dreaded: ruin all we know about the Superman-verse.

Are we getting a season two? Yes. Do we need a season two? Maybe. I would watch it because I would see anything DC not because it has the depth we all search for in TV shows. Krypton started strong, but just like the machine’s reaction after been threatened with a gun; its sloppyness was fast-tracked.
It’s a 2/5, people. See you next season.

Thank you for your time this season. Drop suggestions on how to make this thread better and don’t stop visiting. This is the end of an era but not the end of in-depth reviewing and analysis.

I’ll be thrashing theories from now henceforth and as a mountain of knowledge on the DC-verse, you can send a mail to okikijeff@gmail.com for contributions and suggestions.
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