DCTV: Previously On Your DC Shows – Week Starting 14/05/18: Two Finales, Two Penultimates and you know, Supergirl.

This is a weekly review of all DC Comics shows currently airing on the small screen. The Arrowverse: Arrow, The Flash, Legends Of Tomorrow and Supergirl; CW’s Black Lightning; Fox’s Gotham and Syfy’s Krypton.

Black Lightning and Legends of Tomorrow have wrapped up their 2017/2018 season.


Is it safe to say Lena knows Kara is Supergirl now??? I know I say this every week but that was an intense elevator conversation. “Hey, Kara, you are a sight for sore eyes.”

This episode does nothing different. Other than make you sob for J’onn’s father troubles and remind you that Alex’s super-suit has done nothing but fail her.

We delve into relationship struggles –
Imra V Mon El V Kara;
We swim in  slight awe after the revelation – Reign has all the Worldkillers powers; Friendships tested – Lena’s and Supergirl. And one murder.

Alex be the most troubling character – after her gay relationship ended she’s been trying hard to fit so she resort to screwing things up. Ruby was safe.
…. yep, she was. Alex was supposed to go there to calm her down, according to her, but instead made things worst for the 12 years old.
And of course, the mask fell off. Why else will you bring Reign into Lex Luthor’s secret mansion in the first place?
Reign is back in custody(you know, for a big bad she does spend a awful lot of time imprisoned.) Fortunately, we can’t say the same for the other brand shows.

Lena did burn Supergirl with that lecture on Kryptonite:

“Thousands of things can
kill me, Supergirl.
And everyone else on this planet.
Fire. But we don’t go around
banning bonfires or candles.
Cars kill people every day, and
yet we still have the courage
to get in every morning and
drive ourselves to work.
There is one element on the
planet that kills a Kryptonian,
and you can’t tolerate its existence.
You really do have a god complex.”

Let’s hope she doesn’t get to burn Kara and all her friends when she becomes…. wait for it…

…Season Four’s big bad. That’s a prediction tho, but I’m betting on it.

The Flash(S04E22)

Penultimate episodes blows minds. This one kills. It opens with a Legion-inspired hallway fight scene that dropped my jaw throughout its run. Devoe obliterated everything Argus calls protection. First he pretended to be John Diggle(from Arrow) then ended with a zombie apocalypse that turned Argus’ agent against each other…

Actually, he ended with “And God said, “Let there be light.” “
Not to even mention the ‘Halleluyah’ themed cinematography all in the length of a music video. And oh, he killed guards for listening to Modern music. Oh yes, Sadist. Sociopath. Psychopath.

So let me rephrase: that was an epic opener filled with vigor and charisma  and finally showcases Clifford Devoe as a worthy villain of The Fastest Man Alive.

Now to the faults: Notice how we have to mope about memory loss on both Supergirl and The Flash? My’rann and Harrison Wells both have problem with remembering things, although different circumstances,  but their [symptoms and reactions?]… Both of em don’t feel “helpful” and they can’t remember what happened that morning… It’s like they shared the same dementia class.

And enough with the therapy sessions with that awful therapy lady. Why tf is Caitlyn there?? Is she crazy? How do you tell a therapist about your super-villain alter ego? Wait who’s gonna go next? Cisco? Devoe? Pfft.

Team Flash destroyed one satelite, Devoe replaced it with their own and launched the enlightenment. One more episode left… the biggest showdown. But Team Flash don’t quite know how to solve any of their problems. I do.

How to stop Cecile from inhibiting the characteristics of her victims? Stop her powers altogether. Harry once created a device for that, right?

How to stop Devoe now that he has launched? This meme comes to mind:

One last confusion:
So Iris, when you said “we are gonna bring her in and we are gonna stop her so she doesn’t hurt anyone again”, did u mean kill her?
I mean, I’m not complaining, just wanna celebrate some sense in the Arrowverse.


This episode is like those part of serials that don’t make it out of the cutting table – the whole episode. Because it doesn’t even attempt to move the plot forward. It repeats the same old “Kandor is in trouble; we can’t defeat the villain; he’s un-killable” storyline.
Perhaps the most annoying repeat is the final scene. Seg leads the Sagitari and the underground resistance to The Voice Of Rao’s chamber to attack – Yes, the same Voice of Rao that survived a fall down over a 100 storeys after he was shot in the heart. They go to attack him with same ol’ weapons they are all aware doesn’t work on him… If this wasn’t the penultimate episode, I wouldn’t bother writing a review.

General Zod, who somehow doesn’t get called by his first name, challenges his grandmother to a duel and ended up the last Zod standing after his Mum shot her mother which is a pitiable excuse for character development. Your mother betrayed her Stark-like honour for you life and you couldn’t even hit her head with the butt of your gun or shoot her in the leg if your trigger finger is itching you? And in what world does one shoot one’s mother to death? Okay, Krypton. And to think the writers on Supergirl are paid less. Pfft.

Adam Strange isn’t back, thankfully. Kem has relocated to Kryptonopolis for the time being, sadly. Ona is still dead. The Voice Of Rao is still un-killable. We may be getting Doomsday in a Superman prequel series and one more episode to go. For the record, this is the worst episode of the week.

Arrow(S06E23) – Season Finale

The finale tried to be big but it wasn’t. But the result wouldn’t bother you if you’re reminded that the title of the episode is the name of recently cancelled CW show, Life Sentence.

When we heard two weeks ago that Paul Blackthorne(Mayor Quentin Lance) wouldn’t be renewing his contract for a seventh season, we didn’t know the Lance family line will be wiped out of Star City. Yes,it was a really emotional scene(Sara Lance of LOT showed up and wonderful teared up for the Dad she was never there for) but that didn’t change the fact that it was a wrong move for the show and not a season finale we deserve.

For those who didn’t read last week’s review, i ended the tantalizing review with these words:

“Ladies and gentlemen, The season finalé is finally here. Next Thursday, Diaz is going down.(He’s gotta go down, right? Or repent, because no villain ever runs through two seasons). Mark you calendar. And in Curtis’ voice: “Suit Up.” “

Sorry but that didn’t happen. Diaz didn’t go down, he’s very much alive and still have the resources to control the city. Another Wrong move.

The episode itself was full of blunders:

Diaz tried to blow Team Arrow and FBI to smithereens. Good plan. Just that it was a predictable move we all saw coming.
√ And the trip wires be so ineffective if they didn’t touch anyone when they activated. It’s just like they were avoiding bodies so Felicity could hack them.

√ And the Felicity magic gotta stop. How  she can hack sensitive explosives while talking faster than she types still baffles the living shit in me.

√ Maybe the actors should also  be coached on how to make believable onscreen phone calls or actually get someone on the line… What? You couldn’t afford the Zoe actress for one more voice appearance? Rene’s ‘I’m am about to die call’ was visibly fake.

“Oliver, our disagreement was never about the uniform.”

Those are the words of John Diggle, husband of Lyla Michaels, father of one and liar. Wait John lies now? I have no idea because the feud was clearly about the piece of cloth that didn’t even look good on John. You know what? See you all next season. I really had high hopes for the finale. Now Quentin is dead, The Green Arrow’s identity is now public and Diaz is still alive and kicking. Thank you for a fairly good season, Arrow.

Gotham(S04E22) – Season finale

Do you know Butch is the only character on TV to die two finales of the same show in a row? Do you know Gotham have just one season left? Do you know that if you sleep your eyes will be closed?(well, that part can be debated)

Yes. A better finale than Arrow’s. Penguin takes back the throne of most vindictive a*****e in Gotham. He delivered his revenge on Tabitha for killing his Mum by… Seriously? by being friends with Butch since this season began only to kill him in front of Tabitha.!?/*+-#$%&*-“:;. That deserves all kinds of punctuations.

Selina is alive.
Gotham transitions back to ‘No Man’s Land.’ Perhaps one that has never been seen before.
A lot of classic villains were teased but i didn’t get my ‘Poison Ivy return.’

Ra’s Al Ghul dies for a SECOND TIME. The Demon’s Head, Lmao.
Selina is surely gonna wake up pissed that Bruce isn’t by her side then becomes a villain, good news for me. That guy’s a jerk.

The most memorable moment is Ed and Lee’s final moments. It was so beautiful and for a split second, I actually thought Gotham would kill those two. But Hugo Strange, one of the many solutions Gotham(the show) has to resurrection, is gonna do his thing, thanks to Penguin.

One More Season? Not that bad. See you all when Gotham returns.

And thank you all for reading. You’re the best. Catch me next week for one last review roundup of the season. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

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