Three Shows That Shouldn’t Be Cancelled.

In the past week, it was bloodshed on the small screen as both Cable and Network broadcasters decided which shows they will be bringing back for the 2018/2019 season. You can find the list of cancelled shows here

Some shows are still hanging on a thread but there are three (sort of)special cases that shouldn’t be given the red card.
The thing is, the studios are holding back these announcements because these shows are wrapping up their 2017/2018 seasons and they want the finale ratings to roll in for cconsideration. And also, to find a way to easily drop the announcements without massive outrage. Actually, there is no easy way to tell me my favorite show has been cancelled.


Timeless got cancelled after its first season last year and fans were enraged. A protest began on social media and the fans probably took to the streets too. In less than two days, NBC was forced to renew it for a second season which is the incredibly massive season we are all enjoying this year.
My review on an episode of Timeless is my most read article on this fresh blog racking in over a thousand readers in three days. Timeless aired its season two finale last night which I’ll see tonight due to time differences(ish), but the point is… this season has been good, like really good. The ratings aren’t fabulous but they are normal. And if NBC is gonna acquire the cancelled Brooklyn Nine-Nine from Fox, then they should consider one of the best things in their house. And of course, if they don’t, we won’t hesitate to stage another protest.


Gotham fans won’t take No for an answer. Everyone who is a Gotham fan now prayed for its cancellation when they saw the first few episodes of the pilot season. It didn’t happen then. It shouldn’t happen now. You’ve given us four years of an unpredictable dark origin story, don’t take that away. Please, Fox.
Top sites reported that the fate of Gotham hinges on Lethal Weapon – if Lethal Weapon was renewed, no Gotham, if it wasn’t renewed, then Gotham will be coming back for another dark ride. I don’t quite understand that knot yet. If you do, let me know in the comment section because Lethal Weapon got renewed last night after recasting it’s co-lead.
But the truth is, we’ve fallen love with this tale. Fox, we are not asking you to do it for love, just do it for conscience. You made us fall in love with the citizens of Gotham, don’t break our hearts. Keep it going.

Agents Of Shield

This one will surely lead to a worldwide protest, especially if this season ends well. Not everyone knows this but it got cancelled last season. Before an official announcement, a miracle happened. Five years with the B-List Avengers and just like Marvel’s Inhuman, this show could be given the axe. Not as if the Marvel Cinematic Universe care about their TV connections anyway but screw the MCU, I can’t imagine TV without the Agents of SHIELD. Why the ratings are not super high still baffles me because its fans stretch through genres and factions. This is the last Marvel show on ABC and the last on network television. It stayed this long because it’s been strong… story-wise, it never falters. We are addicted to the characters already. So ABC, please forgive and forget Marvel’s sins. Don’t axe it.
And besides, you owe us two… for cancelling ‘Agent Carter’ after merely two seasons and giving ‘Most Wanted’ the red card before it even began. No one cares that much about Inhumans but Agents Of Shield is heartthrob. See, we are actually begging. Don’t do it.

Announcements will roll in this week, if you’ve never prayed, I think this is the time to evaluate your life. Pray, hardcore fans, pray.

Any show you praying doesn’t get the axe? Let me know. I’m a prayer warrior in my church. It’s now or never.

Update: I just got a mail from Variety…
Gotham has been renewed for its fifth and final season. Who said God doesn’t answer prayers? Praise the lord somebody.

Update two years after: It’s the year 2020. The month of May. Corona Virus is topping the charts. Gotham has ended. Still awaiting AOS which was renewed for one final season in 2018. Well, make that two. They couldn’t get enough of it. So one more final season coming later this year. Timeless, on the other hand, got cancelled. I cried. But the fans were resilient. The gave us a two hour finale months later but I’m still not satisfied. Timeless lives on… somewhere in my head.

Okiki Adeduyite

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