DCTV: Previously On Your DC Shows – Week Starting 07/05/18: Gotham Soars, Arrow follows.

This is a weekly review of all DC Comics shows currently airing on the small screen. The Arrowverse: Arrow, The Flash, Legends Of Tomorrow and Supergirl; CW’s Black Lightning; Fox’s Gotham and Syfy’s Krypton.

Black Lightning and Legends of Tomorrow have wrapped up their 2017/2018 season.

Gotham is this week’s MVP. My feelings on The Flash and Supergirl remains the same. Arrow gets to its destination and Krypton is still one hell of a place.


If you are sitting opposite Supergirl on a table; She’s not masked, as always and she’s speaking in her normal voice, will you not know that she’s your bestfriend, Kara?
Black Lightning has a cloaking device over his face. Green Arrow and The Flash wear (ineffective) masks on their faces but at least they even tried to cover their faces. Superman (Henry Cavill’s) applies super-lotion to his hair when he’s on costume. Supergirl? She doesn’t even try. All she do is rock her Krypton made costume and cape after taking off her glasses and tearing her shirt. I’ve been bickering about this since the first episode of the season. At this stage, Lena Luthor either knows Kara is Supergirl or she’s exactly what i think she is: a weak, self-centered and dumb Luthor.

‘We’ lost two Worldkillers during the episode. Reign is reigning supreme and what tha heck is wrong with Mon El? Thought you’d grown man. Forget Kara. You have a wife.

Alex’s new magnet suit and [oooooh, that Thor-like gun] got me drooling. When you gonna give her a superhero name, Winn?

And the shocker of the EP was one of its final moments when Lena revealed that she has been manufacturing Kryptonite. Boom!
I did make a prediction after episode 2. Lena is being groomed into a villain. She’s a ticking time bomb that’s gonna explode when she finds out Kara is Supergirl and her best friends have been lying to her for a while. But seeing how slow and slippery Lena is, let’s hope it doesn’t explode in her own face.

The Flash(S04E21)

Devoe!!! Team Flash had to ask Amunet Black for help in this heartwarming episode. Take away Caitlyn’s whining, it was really heart warming.
The New Council Of Wells gives us the laughs. Tom Cavanagh does this every season:Wows everyone, including the producers as he plays out the character Harrison Wells( a non comicbook character) like he was born to.

Iris takes a leap. She has armed the people of Central City with all they need to know about the villainous sociopath. If not for her Caitlyn-like grumbling, I would have been onboard with that plan from the very first scene. But the end result needs no contesting. What a time to be a journalist.

No Dawn Allen(mystery girl), No Marlize or Devoe and I miss DA Cecile Horton. We haven’t gotten a reasonable explanation behind her powers. Two more episodes to go Team Flash, figure it out.


Major Super-Spoilers for Krypton ahead. If you haven’t seen it, save this page and read later.

I’ll start with the end: Brainiac loads little Ona with fire and sends her to go blow up Seg and Friends because “Through fire, we are reborn.”
That happens, but Adam Strange heroically saves the day by using the Zeta Beam device to protect Superman’s grandfather from being blown up. But don’t see it that way, else you won’t appreciate it. See it as “Adam sacrificing his life for his Krypton friends.”
But that moment all blows up to smithereens when we see that he is alive and we are left with a cliffhanger that isn’t a cliffhanger because nothing was teased. Just a robot chick staring blankly into space:

Who’s that?? Future Ona? Or…. You guys know who that is? Let me know in the comment section.

Breakdown: Their plan worked. They took down Brainiac, which means we got a mini Justice League in our hands. (Actually that’s not even Brainiac, it’s just his Sentry). But Brainiac’s sentry is un-killable. Which begs the question: Why was Rhomm killable? She didn’t even get 5 minutes of strength, did she? (Rhom is Ona’s mum by the way).
Does connecting himself to that thing in the Genesis Chamber makes him stronger or transfers information to Brainiac? Is it both or neither?
And if i hear the name ‘Superman’ one more time, I’ll make sure Kryton’s destruction happen sooner. Like “how soon do a wrangled beast’s testicles go up into its cervic when she’s… ” Ask Kem.

Am outta here folks. Krytpon returns next Wednesday. Don’t sit with “your thumb up your ass.” Brace yourself.


The war has started. In the penultimate episode. And it’s still on. But where’s the press in all this. All of DC(Justice League most recently) have a problem with under-reportage. Three buildings (including one belonging to the former mayor of the city) and a major hospital were attacked – Goodfellas style, the same night. And we didn’t get a flash of “Breaking News.” It is super important. Even if you got 42 minutes, you can spare five seconds to let your audience know the stakes are real and not just something happening inside a green screen fence.

The hospital shoot-out gave us one unnecessary but sweet to watch Mr and Mrs Smith scene with John and Lyla.

And this happens on TV a lot… no, not the Mr and Mrs Smith reference, the all-in shootout that is always unsuccessful.

What happened to:
Voice: “Knock Knock”
Felicity: “Who’s at the door?”
Voice: “Court Order. You got served”
Felicity: (goes to open door)
Man outside fires two quick shots to her belly. She bleeds out in Oliver’s arm.

Okay, don’t wanna sound like a Olicity hater, so it could go:

Felicity: (goes to open door)
Man brings out gun and before he pulls the trigger, Raisa(Oliver’s housekeeper) hits him with her bag on the head from the back. He passes out. And she says something like “I knew he was a bad man.”

Really, those gunmen make too much noise. They start shooting from the third street before they get to you.

The Quadrant: I had a whole article on this group that i had to scrap. But i have one question. How can the people who control the major gangs in the world be this spineless???? It’s not as if they are running Warner Bros. . They are Crime Lords and Diaz could just knife three of them and got the last one shaking for his life. Pfft. Get outta here, writers. You suck.

I got much love for this episode though. But do you know every penultimate episode since season 3 i would ask myself this question out loud: “You do know this would take The Flash a second, right?”

It is so annoying, Arrowverse. People are dying. Real human beings.(well, you’re making them fake if you refuse to call the Fastest Man Alive when you can). They did use him in Season 3.

Damien Darhk killed Laurel and you couldn’t just have The Flash steal his power idol and smash it.
Prometheus.Don’t even mention Prometheus.
Diaz and his whole gang would be in Iron Heights before William finish saying “Kick his ass.” And we’re done. But no, you would let people die.
If you know you couldn’t handle a man as fast as the speed of light in a neighboring city, you shouldn’t have birthed him.

And guys, I refuse to talk about that one scene Oliver caught Diaz knifing Curtis and he stood and do nothing. Only to let him get away ‘on foot’ when he(Oliver) can shoot down an aeroplane with his eyes closed. Cool guys. Ama erase that fuckery by rewatching Oliver awesomely take down bad guys around his dinner table. Thank you.

Ladies and gentlemen, The season finalé is finally here. Next Thursday, Diaz is going down.(He’s gotta go down, right? Or repent, because no villain ever runs through two seasons). Mark you calendar. And in Curtis’ voice: “Suit Up.”

Gotham ( S04E21)

OMG!!!! Gotham’s best episode everrrrr. Or just for this season. Whatever pleases you. There are major spoilers ahead. If you haven’t watched episode 21, please save this page.

They blew the roof off with this one. This is Gotham like I have never seen before. First they gave me an “oh shiiit” moment during a top notch exchange between Jim and Nygma. I wanna know who wrote this episode and if the fear of cancellation is what brought out the inner Game Of Thrones in him or her.

Ed: If Gotham becomes a rock pile,  I mind zero percent. I’m only helping you because I’m with Lee now.
Jim: Fine. Whatever.
Ed: Feign nonchalance. It’s very cute.  It’s almost convincing.
Jim: Ed, Jeremiah Valeska is threatening  to destroy half the city. You really think I care if you’ve deluded yourself into thinking you and Lee are a couple?
Ed: You see…  that is my point. You don’t believe that Lee could actually love me, do you?
Jim: Honestly? No.
Ed: Hmm.
Jim: You’re a psychopath and a murderer. And the fact that you need me to validate your crazy fantasy means that you don’t believe it either. That doesn’t matter. What matters is stopping Jeremiah from killing thousands of people, so can we…?
Ed: Yeah. We’re gonna settle this.
Jim: Ed.
Ed: No, Jim. This isn’t the GCPD.
Here, I make the rules, so we’re not gonna do this until we talk about that I want to talk about.
Jim: Lee’s changed. I accept that.
Maybe she will never be the person that I knew. Fine. But she is not who you think she is. The fact that she’s with you in whatever way she’s with you…
Ed: (interrupts) Oh, Jim. She’s with me in every way.
Jim: …means that she wants something from you.
So when it’s done, she’ll get rid of you.
Ed: So you’re saying that she wouldn’t be with a killer?
And yet… she was with you. And you, Jim, are ten times the killer that I ever was.
Jim: You have a point.
Maybe that’s why she’s not with me now.

That was epic! And he knocked Ed out cold at the end of the day.

Harvey is crowned The Hero Of The Week. Harvey Bullock wouldn’t play around in a life and death situation but he sure drops the craziest one liners. But maybe those don’t appear as jokes to him. I freaked out when he started reciting “Eeeny Meeny Manni Mo. Which one of you will make it blow?” trying to determine which switch [not to] pull to disarm Jeremiah’s bomb. Speaking of Jeremiah, forget what i said last week. Yes, he isn’t our Joker but he’s damn ruthless. And I’m not even talking about the final scene.

Ra’s Al Ghul teams up with Jeremiah Valeska and motivated him to deliver the best Gotham moment ever.

Spoiler Alert:

Straight to the belly, no stupid “I’m about to kill you talk,” Jeremiah shoots Selina and down she goes, flat on the table, in front of Bruce… Just moments after that sweet kiss she shared with Bruce.

I mean, we all know she’s not gonna die. Even if she did, she’s gonna come back to life like every other character. Well, unless she has an evil twin sister who’s gonna be Catwoman instead, can’t wait to see you on your feet again, Selina Kyle. That was a beautiful death. Perhaps the best death on Gotham, ever.

Breakdown: Ra’s Al Ghul saw the city in flames in a vision and he thinks Jerome can do that and he wants Jerome to do it because that is the “cataclysmic” event that is gonna birth Batman. And he wants Batman for what reason now?? Replace him?? That dude’s storyline is washed off.

In other news, Lee needs to stop kissing Nygma. I still can’t wrap my head around the whole relationship thing. And I think i might get my wish: Nygma thinks Jim is a threat to his relationship and he’s heard it for like a thousand times that Lee is using him. “Crash EdLee!!! Crash!”

So like every Gotham finale, two villains are teaming up. The stakes are super higher… and you guys know Selina Kyle can’t die right @GothamWriters. Because I’m not really sure what you know and don’t know after you made Ra’s Al Ghul your everyday villain. #GiveMeBackMySelina.
Okay, Bruce’s Selina and say “hi” to Poison Ivy for me. Sure you gon’ bring her back for one last ride. Maybe as our heroes last hope or the wonder woman to complete our villains’ trinity. Either way, Gotham, don’t get cancelled.

Best Character of the week. Harrison Wells(The Flash)
Best Episode of the week: Gotham
Best Villain of the week: Ricardo Diaz(Arrow)
Best Hero Of the Week: Harvey Bullock(Gotham)
Moment of The Week: Selina’s death.

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