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This is a weekly review of all DC Comics shows currently airing on the small screen. The Arrowverse: Arrow, The Flash, Legends Of Tomorrow and Supergirl; CW’s Black Lightning; Fox’s Gotham and Syfy’s Krypton.

Black Lightning and Legends of Tomorrow have wrapped up their 2017/2018 season.

Arrow’s most intense episode ever. Was it the power of the two Marvel actors in the episode? Did Gotham just screwed it with The Joker? Where is Supergirl heading to? The Thinker is still out wild on The Flash. Are you ready to be enlightened? Do you believe in Rao? You should if you’re on Krypton. Read on.


Wait? Social Media was short lived?? Come again, Mon El. Did you all heard that? That dude hinted that in the 31st century, there is no social media… said it’s a “short-lived trend.”
What??? Okay, after a crucial scrutinization, Supergirl is on a different earth. Me? I’m on Earth-1 with Team Arrow and co.

So on this episode, Team Supergirl reminds us why we should hate the superhero code: Don’t Kill.

Hey guys, if there’s a villain in Ondo State(Nigeria) that can kill anyone by just scratching them and can make birds and livestock die without even doing anything, and I can fly and have the power the rip her bones out of her body, I WOULD.
The only sane person in the Arrowverse is Oliver Queen(sort of). Superheroes should better stop living in the past and kill that evil baddie.

Lena Luthor. Luthor. Luthor. All she wants to do is be the woman who contained Reign.
“Ask for help, Lena.”
“No, I can do it myself.”
“Call Supergirl, Lena.”
“I Swear I’m the only one that can help you.”
“She’s gonna kill my daughter, Lena.”
“No, I won’t let that happen.”
You couldn’t even stop Morgan Edge, my lady. That Luthor blood be arrogant.

Imra. Beautiful Imra. You know, she’s so beautiful that you can’t find it in your heart to despise her for going against Supergirl at first.
So, Remind-Recap: Reign, Pestilence and the Black Siren lookalike called Julia have united. The Three Worldkillers.
Lena failed, again. She couldn’t stop Sam from becoming Reign. #JusticeForRuby. Imra, unlike every other girl in sci-fi shows, isn’t at all concerned that her husband might still have feelings for his 21st century ex. The 31st century must be a damn sweet period. Leh me guess, you are allowed to cheat on your wife. That’d be so coooool.
J’onn has the same conversation with his dad every day. And we have seven more episodes to go. Go, Supergirl.

The Flash(S04E20)
You know that thing they do in movies and tv shows where they are trying to solve something and they start talking about something else and suddenly it links with what they were trying to solve and the serious one figures it out and says “that’s it?” Yea, I’m tired of it.
Barry figured out Devoe’s plan just by listening to Iris lecture him about giving people space to sort things out themselves. Sometimes it’s just illogical. Look at this:

Iris: “But sometimes you can’t answer their questions for them. Sometimes, you just have to support them while they find them on their own,whether they’re together or they’re apart.”

Barry: (makes ‘it’s time for me to say my epic line’ face)

Iris: “What?”

Barry: “That’s it. The pieces of tech don’t fit together… because they’re not supposed to. He’s not building one thing, he’s building multiple.”

How does that in any way relate?

And that dude needs to stop rushing things up. It took two seasons to make Iris fully yours and you want to mend a complicated relationship between two breachers who’ve been on separate earths for almost a year in just a few seconds because you are [fast?]. We did tell you to kill Devoe when you had the chance, didn’t we?

And speaking of Devoe, I never actually thought a non-speedster as a big bad will be anything better than “interesting.” But on this episode, when Devoe incapacitated Team Flash, even when they ACTUALLY caught him by surprise this time(their team work was really good and how the heck did he not know they were coming?), I’m beginning to shift tents. Devoe might be the best big bad on The Flash so far.

Let’s talk about sad-happy moments…

awwwn. Cisco and Gypsy uhn. Really, that’s some real love right there. That parting was on some emotional level that I have never seen between Barry and Iris. Remember when Barry was about to surrender himself to get imprisoned in the speedforce, did he even drop a tear? I didn’t see nada. But Cisco and Gypsy’s “Goodbye” was so good that I would cry if I was a teenage girl.

Speaking of goodbyes, The Mechanic, real name Marlize, who fell in love with a psychopath who hates technology has now seen the light (as if she hasn’t seen enough already) and she’s backing out, like literally. Don’t blame her, please, If I take one of Devoe’s history lessons, i would be his disciple. In fact I’m beginning to hate technology. I just smashed my wristwatch that runs faster than itself.

Devoe made good points (like every classic villain). Technology sucks!!! I’m just a lil bit bothered. If you hate tech, why are you using tech to hatch your plan that involves removing “the intelligence of everyone on earth.” Make me dull man. Make my lecturers dull too. Life would be so much easier.(Seriously kidding. Forget what I said on the Supergirl review, I’m not on Earth-1).

So that girl shows up again. This one:

Mehn if at the end of this season that mystery girl has nothing to do with Devoe and is just another villain who isn’t Dawn Allen or any of Barry’s grandchild, I’m gonna force a Thinking Cap on all members of the creative team behind the show; remove their intelligence after giving them an insight on how to write a better ‘mystery person’ story. On the bright side, they finally showed us she got superspeed. So she’s either Dawn Allen(for non-comic fans, Google) or the Reverse Flash’s future daughter who came to get revenge(that just came to me now, btw). Either way, it better be one of my predictions. Go TeamFlash.

So I’m gonna ruin this with a last minute add. The Legends are so free right now and more capable of stopping a villain who thinks he’s smarter than everyone and will totally jump to the idea of destroying a villain who wants to make all humans dumb(Ray would.) Why not just call them?? It’s the earth we talking about here. Okay, gotta go see Krypton.

QuickPrediction: At the end of the season, Cisco is gonna quit Team Flash for Earth-19 to be with Gypsy.


Superman’s planet is one hell of a place. Its first team of good guys have united. The Zods, Nyssa Vex, Seg El and Kem. All against Brainiac who managed to scare Daron Vex enough to kill his daughter or Daron is just a sick version of Tywin Lannister. And Nyssa is the gay Cersei Lannister that can fight.

Krypton continues to look like Game Of Thrones in its seventh episode. ‘The Red Shard’ is Krypton’s equivalent to Game Of Thrones’ Kingsguard(knights who are sworn to protect the king no matter what and have no allegiance to anyone else). Their number, 7, equals GOT’s. Just that they are super-powered and have superspeed but can die if you maim one of their arm. Jaime Lannister proves otherwise.

As we approach the finalé, Krypton still holds its plot with a tight grip; increasing the stakes every episode and we just all have to wait and see how Team Seg can defeat Brainiac, who is now the one true god in the eyes of all citizens of Kandor, without unleashing Doomsday.

Arrow ( S06E21)

The most Intense Arrow episode ever, right? Really, you can argue with Felicity on that one because this got me on the edge of my seat from start to finish(actually I was lying on my chair but i still felt like i was sitting on the edge of my seat)

Oliver goes to trial and he might probably go to jail. The episode started out really weak and outrageous:

Yeah. Diggle parachuted down into Kasnia to take out at least 2 dozen men ALONE with this weapon that I’m seeing for the first time:

A sniper and a grenade launcher in one. But really? I’m not discrediting John as a gifted marksman but… is he?? I thought he was there with Argus but, No, I guess I should start seeing him differently then. That doesn’t take away the fact that the scene didn’t even try to be realistic.

Away from that,
2. Hot Ass(that’s a legal term) Outside Counsel.

The DA’s office brought in this hot lawyer to prosecute Oliver. Her name is Alexa Van Owen and she’s so hot(still legal) that she got Felicity’s hands shaking as she reads her credentials off her phone. Leh me show you:

“She’s prosecuted CEOs
and serial killers, and she has CIA-caliber investigators that say they can find anything and everything. Her conviction rate is 99%.”

So we are supposed to be scared of her, right!? I was. Until she addressed the jury:

“Oliver Queen is a hero. He is. He’s saved this city more times than anybody can count, but he’s done it all from behind a mask, so that he could take the law into his own hands. In fact, he’s taken as many lives as he’s saved. So, yes, Oliver Queen is a hero, but that doesn’t mean he’s not also a criminal.”

That is the whackest and weakest I’ve seen from any prosecutor on TV. I mean, WTF? That’s supposed to convince the jury?
“Okiki, how would you know?”
I’ve seen every single episode of ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ dammit, and I’m telling you they should have visited Shondaland and asked the writers on HTGAWM to write them a kickass delivery. That didn’t even convince me at all and I badly wanna to see Oliver Queen in jail. [Remember Jon Benthal as The Punisher in jail in Daredevil season 2? That’s my dream for Arrow Season 7.]

3. John barging Into the courthouse:

How many times have we seen last minute barge ins like that? I see it at least twice a season on HTGAWM. At least once a season on Suits. I did see one on Scandal. I’m sure there are a lot on For The People(I haven’t been able to get past the premiere) and on every show with intense court sessions like this. My point?
All of these shows listed don’t present their ‘last minute barge-ins’ like the last one. Every new one has higher stakes and better acting. But John Diggle’s was the just a clusterfuck(will soon be a legal term, I’m sorry) of all of them and the only stake was John spending a few days in jails. We all don’t even like him at the moment. You do? Well, I don’t. Until he can explain how he can kill almost a dozen armed men from a parachute without even earning a scratch.

But then things escalated and got so damn intense. It started with Diaz nailing “My Man” in Jason Momoa’s voice.

I wish I could extract just that clip and watch it over and over again.

Then Felicity came in. Queen of Comebacks.

HOT.A Lawyer: When was Mr. Queen arrested?

Felicity: November 21, 2017.

HOT.A Lawyer: And when were the two of you married?

Felicity: November 28th.

HOT.A Lawyer: Just a week later.

Felicity: Yes.

HOT.A Lawyer: Is it possible that you rushed the wedding so that you could claim spousal privilege just in case you had to testify against Mr. Queen?

Felicity: (with a geeky smile that appears to mock Hot.A Lawyer) I have been in love with Oliver for 6 years. Trust me, it felt anything but rushed.

My Jaw dropped. So did the prosecutor’s that she literally had to say: “Let’s change the topic.”

Then Tommy Merlin broke the roof to let himself in: That blew it all away. We knew it was the Mission: Impossible guy: Human Target. When is he getting his spinoff, please?

Then Laurel defied Diaz. Then, Then, Then the Judge said “Mr. Queen, see probation. Then you’re free to go. “

Oh please shut up! Fake ass prosecutor.

The judge was then revealed to be Human Target again and I was on some WTF! moment. Don’t think I’ve had that on Arrow for the past 2 seasons. Arrow pulled the same stunt twice and still wowed. You can’t deny that.

Laurel Lance ( Earth-2 of course) disgraced all Laurels in the multi-verse by letting Diaz outsmart her. Sweetheart, if he can choke you and slam your head against the wall that means he has something giving him (in Nigeria, we call it “Liver”) guts. A sonic dampener comes in handy, literally.

Two more episodes to go. The war is coming. I fear Team Arrow will have to regroup ( so sad) to take down Diaz. Which means more Dinah Drake whining about OTA(Original Team Arrow) and how they should all let Laurel suffer. Nothing kills me more.

And fun fact: Arrow did borrow two actors from the Marvel Cinematic Universe( yes, the actual MCU) in this episode. And they were vital to the plot and this review. We had Wil Traval as Human Target who played Will Simpson/Nuke in Marvel’s Jessica Jones.
And Catherine Dent, the Hot Ass Prosecutor who currently plays General Hale in Marvel’s Agents Of Shield. The power of Marvel, uhn?

Gotham (S04E20)

Things went sideways real fast. I celebrated the arrival of the real Joker in Jerome’s twin. Now I’m weeping at the disastrou-city of the plot twist inserted into this episode. Like we needed a plot twist. It’s so confusing even for Gotham. And it makes less sense when you try to think about it. The good Valeska got the insanity gas. So he dug up his brother’s corpse, dressed him up and gave him [organs???]
Lucious Fox said Jerome’s body was eviscerated (which means to remove all the organs in someone’s body) and his brain was sliced up… I’m sure they did all that to make sure he was dead this time.

So how did he manage to put all those parts back in Jerome’s body and make him look good? And he said he was the sane one.
He did all this to get Jim Gordon into his only house and blow it up. Jeremiah did say ‘if he wants to kill someone, he will just shoot him in the head.’ That is stupidly ironic because he wasted everyone’s time(my precious screentime included) trying to get Jim into a house that is gonna explode despite knowing people have been trying to kill Jim for 4 years now. We all know he survived the blast. Here’s to your sanity, Jeremiah. Please tell me Jerome has another brother. This is not my Joker.

Penguin and Butch still make us laugh just like old times.
Lee and Nygma’s relationship still gives me the cringe. And where’s Selina Kyle and co. We need more sane people.

That would be all.
Did you notice anything I didn’t? Do you have any predictions as well? What was your favorite part of last week on DCTV? You can let me know in the comment section.

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