Cardi B – ‘Invasion Of Privacy’ Album Review

“They say by now that I’ll be finished, hard to tell ( I can tell). My little fifteen minutes last long as hell.”

Those words summarize Cardi’s debut album, which is by all means one of the strongest debut I’ve ever listened to.

Cardi B was almost a one hit wonder. A lot of people got tired of listening to ‘Bodak Yellow’… Me, I didn’t even like it to begin with. After an impressive follow-up single and a phenomenal guest verse on a multiple Grammy award winning artist’s song, Cardi hurl out the one thing haters thought would be far fetched – A full length album(actually it’s just 13 songs but it’s as full as hell and conveniently satisfying).

In spite of the fact that the word “p***y” is the most mentioned word on the album( “h*e” is probably the second most mentioned), it is for everybody.
Cardi and her team combine self absorbing lyrics with mouth watering samples… and, oh yes, the appropriate ( for lack of a trap word) feature artists: Chance The Rapper, Kehlani, SZA, Migos, Bad Bunny, YG and J Balvin.

The opening track, Get Up 10, is Cardi’s version of a “success story” and it’s totally the type of song Anthony Joshua would warm up to before stepping in a ring.

4 out of the 13 songs have been previously released but they never sound like they don’t belong there except ¹’Bodak Yellow’ of course, which, i repeat, i don’t like at all.

And If you’re like me, ‘Money Bag’ will cure that because, forget it, ‘Money Bag’ is just another ‘Bodak Yellow’ with a different title and a different take home line:
“You can tell from the front I got a** behind me.” Not Me.

²’Drip'(ft. Migos) is nothing to… actually, I got nothing to say about it. Maybe because I’m tired of waiting for 3 guys to rap in turns before a song comes to a close. And fun fact, ‘Drip’ was originally an Offset song

Forgive my love for ³’Bartier Cardi,’ but 21 Savage is just so good with his ever soothing #IJustWokeUp voice and it compliments everything… and who doesn’t like the “MJ moonwalking” line.

⁴’Be Careful’ finds Cardi being petty with the words but I’ve been there: a betrayal from someone you love doesn’t make you super-creative despite popular beliefs. Now enough talk on the pre-released tracks…


‘Bickenhead’ ( the song where you literally hear the word ‘p***y’ on every line in the third verse) and ‘I Like It’ (which is being touted as the album’s hit track) profits heavily from the beauty of sampling. The latter also boasts of two names from the fantastic feature lists – Bad Bunny and J Balvin.


Chance The Rapper didn’t sing us ‘ABCD’ like he did on DJ Khaled’s Grateful album. He actually owned ‘Best Life’ and left a significant verse.
YG delivers!!!!! He bad.
The Kehlani assisted ‘Ring’ is the version of the Bronz Queen I’ve been waiting for. A gratifying fusion of RnB and Rap. And don’t be fooled by the titled – like i was – isn’t about the finger-fitting ring. Mtcheeeew.

On ‘I Do,’ SZA solidifies and sums up everything each featured artists have been trying to say; ‘Cardi might be an expert in the driver’s seat but we can totally get to the destination safely by steering with our left hand whenever she feels like handling the breaks alone.’ (Please tell me i nailed it.)
On it, Cardi gives us our 2018 mantra,
“Broke girls do what they can, good girls do what they told. Bad bitches do what they want… “

And lastly, the track i saved for the last spot… and you’ll understand if you saw my reaction to it… I was yelling sth along the lines of “OMG She Sings!!! Cardi B sings. The highlight!!! Cardi Sings.”
The track is titled ‘Thru your phone’ and it’s easily the best song on the album. Aside from the fact that it’s the only song that proudly embraces the theme of the album… or most appropriately, the title, It is my favourite. And like everyone, I really love ‘I like it ‘ too.

I can’t say this enough, when it comes to debut album, this is everything an artist needs. She basically tore down her arsenal’s door seeing how they worked for her this past year. Her guest spot on Bruno Mar’s Finesse made this Bronz Queen recognize how indelible she can sound when she’s on one beat with another artist. The world’s reaction to Bodak Yellow didn’t let her abandon remarkable solo efforts too. And her social media activities made her fashion her lyrics to ones that truly represents who she is. All hail Cardi!!!

I seriously want her to get that rest she’s been wanting and come back in 2019 to give us the summary° because, we, the music lovers, are at rest with this almost perfect debut album.

Okiki wants you to listen and he rates it 4.0/5.

° the ‘summary’ line is a direct quote from Drake’s More Life closer, Do Not Disturb.

Okiki Adeduyite

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