Quantico Returns with… definitely not a bang.

Oh please don’t look at me like that, Alex. That is a perfect headline.

After a long hiatus, the Priyanka Chopra led series returns. Truthfully, I predicted it would lose it’s vibe when the showrunner and creator, Joshua Safran, quit after the second season because he felt he’s done telling his story. The new showrunner didn’t make any promises apart from that he’s interested in leading a show that shouldn’t continue.

But I missed Alex and the team. The episode opened with the farmland scene that already flooded the internet.
Alex in Italy.
Happy with a new guy that isn’t Ryan. Until, of course, bad guys show up.

The only surprise in the premiere is the news of Ryan and Shelby’s union. But, on a very light note, no one should really be surprise. Shelby has a track record of messing with men she shouldn’t even get close to. Um, should I start listing?

Caleb’s Father.
Caleb’s brother.
If Caleb’s mum wasn’t the president, we all know what would have happened. Now she’s married to her best friend’s signature lover. Shelby, you need to get up from that chair, look for whoever is writing your character to have no impact at all to the plot since the show’s pilot season and get married to him too. Make em happy girl.

Now let’s see the stake the premiere got for us:

“A top-secret code that can bypass any computer-controlled missile,
bomb, drone… whatever.”

Of course, that’s the only stake you can use to revive anything that is dead in Hollywood. A device that can access anything. And if I say Hollywood is out of ideas, someone will accuse me of sexually assaulting her when I was 3 years old.

The CW show ‘Arrow,’ to name a few, used this same macguffin in it’s fourth season. Universal’s monster hit, Fast and Furious, used it to compliment the actions without ideas they had for Furious 7. For a show that has been about confusing flashbacks and the beautiful face of Priyanka Chopra, this is not, in any way, an improvement.

And remember what i said about surprises… it seems this new showrunner underestimates his audience with the slow camera reveal and unnecessary detailing. Dude, we are also FBI and CIA operatives. Nothing surprises us that much. And we are also terrorists who can blow down your Grand Central Ratings if this doesn’t get less predictable.

If there’s any awkward confrontation between Shelby and…
See, if you play in a stupid love triangle between Booth, Parrish and whatever Shelby’s last name is, ama stop watching(kinda).

This episode doesn’t leave us with a cliffhanger. Infact, it gave us a season’s worth of material (per Quantico’s standard) and concluded without any far-fetched repercussions. We can only pray and hope it gets better. One thing about Quantico that left a void in network broadcasting during it absence is the positive vibe in the air no matter how cataclysmic the situation is.
The Team. Priyanka. The one black guy. And Ryan always the supporter. It is good to have them back.

And really, screw all I said, Quantico is a good show and I don’t think I’ll ever stop watching… just airing my honest reviews.

Quantico returns on Thursday.

Okiki Adeduyite

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