DCTV: Previously On Your DC Shows – Week Starting 23/04/18

This is a weekly review of all DC Comics shows currently airing on the small screen. The Arrowverse: Arrow, The Flash, Legends Of Tomorrow and Supergirl; CW’s Black Lightning; Fox’s Gotham and Syfy’s Krypton.

Black Lightning and Legends of Tomorrow have wrapped up their 2017/2018 season. Gotham didn’t air this week.

Supergirl (S03E15) Lena, The Great; Martian Dad Hunter, The Powerful

In it’s second episode after a long hiatus, Supergirl finds its footing on immense character development and unbelievable action.

… and quite mature comedy which starts with Kara not ripping her cloth apart, like she’s always done, to transform to Supergirl because she likes the “shirt.” Wonder how many lives would have been lost if you button down slowly like that, Supergirl… LOL, don’t mind me.

From a bar fight with a Kalanorian, to cape tricks with Mon El; to a surprisingly good all out DEO fight inspired by a psychic attack… where Alex shines, this is perhaps the best of action I’ve seen on the superhero show.

If you’re also wondering how Lena became that smart again, you’re not alone(No, she isn’t always smart). I’ve pointed that out in my previous reviews.
So Lena is the only person who doesn’t know Kara is Supergirl but she’s able to conclude that Sam is Reign after hearing about an amnesia symptom once. That is good to know, writers. Go on.

J’onn’s emotional journey with his Dad tried so hard to be tear-worthy but it’s still good as it leaves a lot of viewers reminiscing how they will treat their parents when they are old or how their children will treat them when it happens. Me, I don’t even wanna think about it.

The episode ends ominously with a tease of Pestilence’s arrival… which makes you think the evil on sister CW show, The Originals (in New Orleans) crossed over to National City.

THE FLASH(S04E19) Leonard The Saviour.

Wentworth Miller did it again.
Leonard Snart saved what would have been a dreary moppy episode and made it one of the best episodes of the season.
As Team Flash deal with the aftermath of Ralph Dibney’s death in different ways – Barry and Iris visiting the therapist, twice; Cisco considering wearing the Thinking Cap he has criticized since it was made; and Caitlyn… doing nothing but sob about the demise of her alter ego, Killer Frost; and Harry not acting like someone actually died and tries to go back to his earth; and Joe just… expressionless: UHM, WILL IT HURT YOU GUYS TO SHED A TEAR OR TWO? Dibney was a pain in the ass but he was a good man.

Barry outstretched this week’s brooding by [not brooding?] to exploding out towards the end to a clusterfuck of really weird grieving. Just cry, man. (He finally did)

But this episode would have been another deadpan if not for the brilliance of Wentworth Miller. Oh, how I’ve missed Leonard Snart.
In an attempt to think outside the box(*in The Thinkers voice* “that is your first mistake. Leave the thinking to me”), Barry and Cisco travel to Earth X to recruit Snart for their transport mission… and impeccably saving him from being vanquished by Siren X, Earth-X’s version of our Black Canary.(Mehn, Laurel Lance be getting too much love in the Arrowverse lately… when she gonna hop on the wave rider? And steal Lena Luthor’s boyfriend?)

Things get interesting almost immediately once Snart was on screen… and Siren-X’s powers makes Black Siren and both Canaries look cliché.

Snart summarizes the whole fourth season of The Flash in just one sentence, charismatically announces his wedding coming up in 24hours, makes a gay joke and put a smile on the grieving(sort of) team’s faces. Who else on the planet can do that in two minutes??
Answer: Another Leonard Snart from any earth.

We also step into the villain’s world and, boy, isn’t Devoe cruel to his sweet wife. She just wanna bang and enjoy her husband, man.

But Devoe is crazy smart too… or just a cheat who knows everything. He knew Snart would be coming, he knew about Siren-X and all their work still landed a nuke (one they tried to keep away from the villain the whole episode)on his table. Here’s my advice to you Team Flash: You wanna take down this guy, DON’T THINK.

Krypton = Sweet

Every week, the Superman prequel gets better and this week isn’t an exception. Braniac is still the threat but there’s a more larger threat inside Kandor: Doomsday.

DC Comics fans know Doomsday as the thing behind the one and only Death Of Superman; last seen in Zack Snyder’s Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice. But what I didn’t know after years of being a DC fan was that Doomsday was created by House Zod and House El. That’s why there’s a prequel, right?

Last episode ended with a twist. But that twist got more complicated when:
1. It is revealed that Lyta’s son is actually General Zod who ended up being Superman’s greatest enemy and that has me all confuse…
2. We hear two different sides of the Brainiac story. Strange had told us Brainiac travelled back in time to destroy Krpyton. General Zod says that’s not the case. That Brainiac is immortal and has been and will continue to be.

I’m just lil bit confuse… isn’t this show a prequel to Henry Cavill’s Man Of Steel? Why is General Zod different(I mean to ask why he is black) and why is he still alive. Superman killed him.
With David S. Goyer, who had written the screenplay for Man Of Steel and Batman V Superman, as the show’s executive producer and creator, i felt this was a direct prequel. Can someone please explain.

And Strange is one confused fellow for a time traveller. First he thinks Brainiac would try to stop Superman from being born. Now he thinks stopping Brainiac might affect Superman’s future. I agree with the latter, if they stop Brainiac, young Kal El will never be sent to earth and that means no Superman. But Strange is one shitty Time Traveller and his confusion confuses the plot.

See. He did know Superman was sent to earth after Krypton exploded, right? And Krypton exploded because Brainiac “ripped the city out of its core.” And he badly wants Superman alive ( or maybe not). So why will he want to stop Brainiac from doing that?
Theory: Maybe Strange is the villain here. Maybe he doesn’t enjoy Superman’s existence. But why not just kill Seg? Maybe I’m wrong.

But on other major plot points, that assassination attempt be really slick. Lyta’s Mum(her name keep fleeing from me) is an exemplary woman. Dev Em… Um, a minute prayer for Dev, please. Braniac(through the voice of Rao) attacked the Sagitaris trying to assassinate him and i want Dev to live… even if it’s for him to see how stupid he was letting The V of Rao out of his sight. He was leading him to his chambers. Rao didn’t need an official ‘I’m gonna look you in your face and kill you” death. Just shoot him in the back, you are standing right behind him but no, you had to play Ned Stark and this is what happens.

With yet another cliffhanger, I can’t wait for Krypton to return next week. Is my theory right? Is Strange evil or just a very whack time traveller? Will Dev Em and Mama Lyta live?


Arrow returns with the Diaz situation but solves the Oliver Queen situation. Imagine if Oliver had gone solo immediately after Deathstroke in season two, imagine how sweet that will be to the show’s development. Well you don’t have to… the 20th episode to the season puts it out for you.

Solo Green Arrow means solo focus for the audience and Oliver Queen. While this episode also serves as René’s welcome back party, it boasts of likable action. We finally got the one-on-one between Oliver and Diaz we’ve been waiting for. No weapons… until Diaz decided that “Life isn’t fair.”

Of all the villains that have attacked Star City and it’s homeboy, Green Arrow, Ricardo Diaz is the only one who has dealt the necessary blow. Oliver might be sentenced to 25 years in jail or life. With just three episodes left, we hope he’s out soon. And I really do love the solo mission but I think it’s time to reach out to Slade Wilson(Deathstroke) and possibly the League of Assassins. You can’t take down this thug alone, brother, unless you wanna fail the city you swore to protect.

And ARGUS do have bad test in uniforms. Why does John Diggle look like a guard?

Supergirl airs on Mondays. The Flash On Tuesdays. Krypton on Wednessdays and Arrow swings into the screen on Thursdays. Gotham returns to the same day next week.

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