Arrow Season 6 Episode 17: Brothers in Arms is the show’s Best Offering Yet (Recap)

Oh, I know I used the word ‘recap’ but I’m only gonna talk about one scene. The only one that matters. Thanks. Arrow delivers it’s best episode this season. And yes, it has everything to do with the heated exchange/brawl between John and Oliver.

Watching those two go at it for four minutes was mind-blowing. Especially when John starts blaming Oliver for a lot of terrible things that has happened to the team and the city. Including putting the team under surveillance. A move I remember Oliver made via Felicity with Diggle standing “right there next to” him. (makes three dotted signs with my hand in the air to indicate someone beside me or three Diggles)

But John crossed the line when he brought in Willaim’s Mum ( Oliver’s baby mama) into it. And that’s just from my perspective.
The moment he said the words,
“… but what comfort’s that
to William,
whose mother’s dead because
of the bad decisions that you’ve made?”
My jaw dropped and i already envisioned Oliver diving over to land him a punch straight in the face.

No, that was way out of line… because they were coming out of John Diggle’s mouth. And instead of Oliver delivering the punch that would have made my night, he decided to be petty by saying “My trail of bodies doesn’t include my brother.” Ouch!

How many of y’all counted the seconds it took Diggle to throw that shove? Whatever it was, it was shorter than the seconds it took me to fully digest that jab. I wasn’t alone, Diggle didn’t seem to realize it at first… and when it dawned on him, he sent his fist to the Green Arrow’s face. And Oliver sent his back and the two wrestlers found themselves outside the ring destroying the nicest set of computers i have seen.

They go at it until Felicity literally ruined the big moment. The words she used to calm them down were mediocre… well, not until she said,
“Have you two found
any shred of sanity, perhaps?”

That scene was a show defining moment. To think that Diggle hasn’t been okay with Oliver calling the shots for six years is far from a normal fight.

And Diggle’s potential departure from Team Arrow gives me what I’ve been waiting for. A back to season one basics showdown. Oliver Queen Vs. The World.
It’s amazing how just four minutes of well written argument can make a TV season “magically” better.
In other news, can Diaz just please die like Cayden James so we can get another villain before the season runs out. I’m not saying Diaz is a boring addition, just need a fresh face who doesn’t somehow has the city in his pockets. I like my shows simple. Hehehehehehehehehehehehe.
And for the first time this season, I can’t wait to see what Arrow brings to the table next week.

Okiki Adeduyite

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