DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow: Everything wrong with the second half of Season Three

No intro. I’m a little pissed. I just saw the sixteenth episode and I feel it’s time to talk about it.

Legends of Tomorrow is by far the most entertaining DC show on air right now. With a lot of characters, it still find ways to deliver laudable episodes. But a few addition to the original team spiced up the fun and also, created a lot of discrepancies. Okay, an Intro is unavoidable.

1. Wally West

The character of Kid Flash, played by Keiynan Lonsdale, was a series regular on The Flash. Star Labs felt a little bit crowded and they shipped him off to the Waverider. Good.

What’s not good is the twist given to the character’s character(Arrgh, that’s a thing, right?)
Wally West is no dweeb. Ever since he stepped on the waverider, he has either tried to be the funny one or the childish one or the one who dabs to gospel rock and roll.

It’s a really thoughtful addition to the time team. The only problem is that Wally West ‘pre Legends’ is none of those things. This week’s episode saw him charging right into danger without weighing options. His introduction to the Time Team saw him handcuff Mick because he thought he stole something. And the show runners just keep pairing him with everyone to see who he has chemistry with. Answer: None.
Our Wally West would fit right by Zari’s side and be buddy with Ray. Not this over-pampered speedster you created and put in a time ship.

2. Amaya and Her Granddaughters

It’s all fun and good to reference Mari McCabe a.k.a. Vixen even if she’s part of the Arrowverse in an animated capacity. And she’s Amaya’s granddaughter by the way, so yes, a lot of mentions. But if you can’t book Megalyn Echiwoke to appear on the show(which i don’t advise you to), can we please get less mentions of her?

Here’s why I’m bothered: This week’s episode, just like every other Vixen-centric episode before it, the Legends, most especially steel boy, Nate, always hammer on the fact that it is not “advisable” for Amaya to meet or talk to her granddaughter, Mari. Why? Because there may be “unforseen circumstances.”

But we see Kuasa every week. Amaya talk to Kuasa every week. They exchange blows few of those times. And she’s also her granddaughter. I’m just curious: why is she allowed to meet one granddaughter and not the other?
Well i guess we’ll never find out because Kuasa is *spoiler alert* ………………….. dead. Sorry.
I’m so glad Tracy Ifeachor finally got a window to leave Network television and pitch her tent somewhere worthy of her talents. Kuasa was a terrible recurring character.

3. Amaya again

The whole idea of Amaya is just frustrating. I did jump for joy when Captain Cold rendered her to pieces last season. Only for her to be back again. Screw time travel.

The character is just as confused as anything. Painful that she’s a main driving force of the season’s plot. Amaya is unbearable and I’m not talking about her animal sex with Nate.
How can a grown independent woman nag so much?
First she wants to change history. Next she’s advising others not to do so. Then she’s plotting how to change history without consequences. Then she’s banging a guy she has allowed herself to fall in love with despite knowing that could ruin the future she’s trying to protect. Then she’s stalking her granddaughter she has been warned not to have any interactions with. Now she’s stealing a time ship to go to 1992 to stop the death of her granddaughter. I just don’t know which one. And I’m not sure she does too.
My wish: If she dies this season, then she dies. Enough of boring Zambesi talk. And you don’t have to worry about having a person of colour on the ship anymore. You have Wally.

4. Downplaying Zari

Ever since the time loop episode, which is by far the best offering of the second half of the season, Zari has been a standout character… in our minds.
Because ever since that episode, which she singlehandedly made binge-worthy, the show had either made her a minor and an insignificant member of the team. First by giving her a weirdly good looking hair, then making her sit and play video game all day. It’s just as if they were overwhelmed by Tala Ashe awesomeness that they don’t even know what to do with her.
They are trying so hard to not make fans like her more than they do the team majors. Sorry, fail.
Not until this week where she got a significant role in the episode but yet they still made her ridicule Muslim religion all through.

Are these signs they won’t be adding her to the next season’s slate or what i said earlier about her not taking the shine from the majors. Either way, bad move. Because no other episode has out-wowed Zari’s time loop gig.

5. Okay this one is just on a light note. Legends of Tomorrow tricked us and made the show have a female lead and we didn’t even notice. But when we realized, we could care less. Because who doesn’t like Sarah being the mummy in the time ship?

But they are pushing it. This week: Sarah decided to take a break from the ship and made Amaya the captain. Even first time viewers will agree that’s a bad idea.
But less of why it’s a bad idea and more on why LOT should stop whatever TimesUp moment they are trying to bring on that ship.
Of all the team members, Amaya is the least you should hand over the controls of a time ship to. That is just devastating especially when the person handing over is Sarah Lance. Sarah knows first hand how irrational Amaya can be when it comes to history. But she still gave her controls because, yeah, you know, it’s the year for women.

If Hollywood can’t guide it’s ship from this turbulent equal representation thing, I don’t care if they drown. Just give my favorite shows a satisfying end.

LOT, we are watching you.

Okiki Adeduyite

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